We are a group of people who come together once a week to chat in English. Everyone is welcome, no matter how old you are ( most of us are between 30 and 45; just for your information ), with which job you earn your living, which country you come from, etc. We believe that meeting many different people opens your horizons. You only should be able to speak English fluently.

Some of us come from foreign countries, but ALL of us are interested in foreign languages and cultures.

Our club is also a possibility for foreign people who just moved to the city and do not speak German well yet to make new friends. It might be much easier for them at the beginning if they find some English-speaking people.

We meet every Wednesday at the EXTRABLATT, Alter Markt, 50667 Köln ( in the old part of the town ). The first ones usually arrive around 8 p.m. and we usually stay until about 10:30, but you can drop in any time you like. Apart from that, there is always the chance to see a movie in the original language, to join a barbecue...

Everything is optional, no fees or obligations!

 If interested, just come along!


P.S. There is also another homepage for the angloclub, so please also have a look at, containing also a google calendar. However, contains ONLY information about the angloclub, whereas this one here also about various other groups and meetings, most of them in Cologne, such as a German-Italian club, a multicultural women's group, a barter club etc...

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